Deepest Pockets

A popular term referring to the party responsible for paying an injured plaintiff, when multiple parties—e.g., the physician(s), health care facility, manufacturer of an allegedly defective device, or dangerous or teratogenic drug—are named in a successful lawsuit; the party with the ‘deepest pockets’ generally pays the most
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A global battle is underway among oil exporters for market share, with producers with the deepest pockets, such as Saudi Arabia, using low prices to enter new markets, often at the expense of Russia.
Under the circumstances, is this new capital really the best that the deepest pockets and brightest minds can do for Egypt?
For too long, those with the deepest pockets have found it remarkably easy to find ways to avoid paying their taxes.
How long will it be until those with the deepest pockets get to customize their history -- after the fact?
In an age in which the guy with the deepest pockets and most land often kills the biggest buck, it's refreshing to see an average Joe come out on top by using extra elbow grease, spending more time in the woods and embracing old-fashioned teamwork.
The basin may well prove too refined and understated to appeal to those with the deepest pockets in China.
Silicon Valley's deepest pockets have decided to buy into a relatively simple business plan.
China had the second deepest pockets spending what seems a paltry PS99 billion while Russia weighed in with "just" PS54 billion.
The host country, although one of the smallest in the region, has the deepest pockets and is eyeing new jets.
Is Latin America a long-term play where those with the deepest pockets will survive?
Traditional storage models are not scalable enough, while the processing power required to quickly make sense of an almost limitless long tail of potentially useful information is beyond all but those with the deepest pockets.
Brentford v Staines Chesterfield will be too short for anyone bar those with the deepest pockets but doubling them up Recommendation Hednesford 1pt 4-1 bet365 with Brentford looks a wise play.