Deepest Pockets

A popular term referring to the party responsible for paying an injured plaintiff, when multiple parties—e.g., the physician(s), health care facility, manufacturer of an allegedly defective device, or dangerous or teratogenic drug—are named in a successful lawsuit; the party with the ‘deepest pockets’ generally pays the most
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Barca - already with some of the deepest pockets in the global transfer market - are shopping with every club in the world aware they have just been boosted to the tune of 222 million euros (263 million dollars).
If the government is going to have a role backing the housing market, and I believe it should, then that market must work for everyone, everywhere not just those with the most lobbyists and the deepest pockets.
0 is not about how much you invest; the winners will not be those with the deepest pockets.
He added: "If there is a Conservative mayor, it won't be about which candidate was most qualified, or had the best policies, but which party had the deepest pockets and was able to take advantage of the very troubling lack of limits to spending for this election.
These massive systems were incredibly expensive and only accessible to the companies with the deepest pockets, leading to the famous quote from IBM's Thomas Watson predicting "a world market for maybe five computers".
The EU is still probably a good idea for the rest of us but it must stop being club where only the biggest or the baddest, or even where the one with deepest pockets, calls the shots.
Shadow Housing Minister John Healey MP said: "What used to be a natural part of growing up is becoming a luxury for those on the highest salaries, or whose parents have the deepest pockets.
If there is a serious personal injury at the daughter's home--someone who falls down the stairs and becomes a quadriplegic--the attorney will go for the deepest pockets, in this case the mother who bought the house," Amber said.
A global battle is underway among oil exporters for market share, with producers with the deepest pockets, such as Saudi Arabia, using low prices to enter new markets, often at the expense of Russia.
One plausible explanation is the extreme economic imbalance that exists in America's judicial system, favoring parties with the deepest pockets.
But even the deepest pockets cannot ensure a message will stick, he said.