record linkage

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rec·ord link·age

a method of assembling the information contained in two or more sets of medical records, or a set of medical records and vital records such as birth or death certificates, and a procedure to ensure that each person's records are counted only once; facilitated by a unique numbering system such as the Hogben number to identify people with precision.
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Dedupe Acceleration -- In-memory hashing improves replication performance for large stored data sizes by up to 100%.
is a new generation of appliance solution that includes functionality capable of managing heterogeneous storage to be used as dedupe primary storage or dedupe backup repository, as well as functionality for managing backup life cycles (based on Bacula Enterprise Edition[sup.
Velocity Dedupe Engine is the first deduplication implementation in programmable logic, which results in high throughput while incurring low latencies and maintaining very high data reduction efficiency.
Furthermore, the system is storing (iSCSI, FC) and the Dedupe can provide block-level.
Before you launch another campaign, find out how AcquireLists can help you clean, standardize and dedupe your existing CRM databases, or even merge multiple marketing databases together.
Quantum resells both its tape libraries and dedupe software through EMC, sales that amount to less than 10% of its revenue.
Tweet this: New @TanejaGroup report says @SEPATON leads in backup/restore performance and dedupe efficiency http://tinyurl.
CloudCross simply integrates and matches the data to create and optimize the data models, establishes the data labels before attaching them to the virtual users and equipment, as well as run the programs that automatically dedupe the data.
Dedupe all of the records to make sure there is no overlap of mailings.
Examining performance improvements of the solution, the publication cited a number of enhancements, including a “400% improvement in throughput over previous versions, support for 10 Gbps local-area network (LAN) interfaces, and data read/write acceleration with multi-threaded data dedupe, parallel processing for read I/O and data throughput, multiple overlapped I/O and delta differencing.
Many IT shops are seeing storage reductions of 50% to 60% with dedupe, which eliminates duplicate copies of stored objects and files, he said.
The key is having the right data management solution to fluidly move data, tier it, dedupe it, protect it and archive it.