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A proposal stating that the peer review process for a scientific manuscript should be separated conceptually from its publication in a peer-reviewed journal, to decrease costs associated with publishing manuscripts in highly-specialized, low-volume journals
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Type I dielectric materials do not suffer from aging and have excellent temperature characteristics, but their low Dk make them impractical for use in decoupling applications.
There is no one correct answer to whether a decoupling capacitor should always be mounted on the top or bottom of a PCB.
As a general tendency, the speed with which new technologies find a viable commercial market is heavily influenced by marketers' ability to find an application in which there are few value-adding steps between the technology and the decoupling point.
Decoupling theorists drew strength from the fact until summer the gradual slowdown in the US had had little effect on most other countries and trade linkages with the US had become less important.
Even in the case where the direct effect is small--the decoupling assumption--the U.
The effectiveness of the various grid densities of distributed decoupling capacitors has been debated for years.
During arguably the worst global economic recession since the 1930s, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen later this year to negotiate a Post Kyoto Framework and targets for decoupling economic growth from greenhouse gas emissions.
Decoupling turns that system on its head and seeks to align the utilities' economic interest with energy efficiency, conservation and on-site clean energy generation.
The decoupling of services require a very high software expertise, the required profiles are not available internally and are the subject of this contract.
Company's semi-annual review of margin decoupling mechanism results in proposed reduction, reflects impacts of weather, efficiency gains, and conservation efforts on customer consumption and margin collection
The Decoupling 2: Technologies, Opportunities and Policy Options Report produced by UNEP revealed that prices for timber, metal, hydrocarbons and rubber have spiked due to high consumption patterns.