declarative learning

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declarative learning,

n learning that evolves from procedural learning after language development. Char-acterized by analytical, language-based, memory-dependent approach to acquiring and retaining knowl-edge. See also procedural learning.
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found that there was a significant decrease in information processing speed, working memory and declarative learning with aging and postulated that working memory would have been the most important mediator.
Aging, cognitive resources, and declarative learning.
The former type of long-term memory listed above, declarative learning, may be easily thought of as the kind of learning for which we attend school (also called explicit learning).
More recent research has also shown the importance of sleep in declarative learning, further strengthening the two most prevalent theories regarding the brain processes that occur during sleep.
Declarative learning (or what I have previously called conceptual or higher-level learning) involves the hippocampus area of the brain and results in the acquisition of information that can be easily recalled and applied to a variety of new and unfamiliar situations.
Thus, when a person is distracted, habitual learning actually takes over from declarative learning.
Risperidone appeared significantly superior to clozapine and haloperidol in tests of declarative learning and memory; and there was a trend favoring the drug over olanzapine as well.
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