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I talked to a number of crew members and, since most of them were from old Tall Ships and were in costume, they were interested in our organization even though they were not Loyalist decendants.
Hopefully, with their help this will now be returned to the right family - Thomas Bolam Fail's decendants - and be put on display in the family home, in memories of Thomas and his achievement.
WERE you or your decendants ever at St Joseph's Orphanage, Orpington, Kent?
On top of this, the Regime also massacred almost one million people (between 1965-1968) who were accused of being communists, and launched a campaign of continual stigmatisation of their decendants.
Around 700,000 people were exiled in this way in 1948, with the United Nations estimating that today they and their decendants number 4.
To clear up a few misconceptions on the breeds, the Beltsville Small White is alive and growing in numbers; there are breeders offering direct decendants from the original line.
We must approach with open hearts, compassion and common sense, the task of finding a just and viable solution for the terrible tragedy of the refugees and their decendants.
Pine forests continued their dance according to climate change, but by now there was a new choreographer in town--Homo sapiens--and no doubt fires set by those early North Americans and their decendants affected the pines.