Death Grip

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A cadaveric spasm described as an instantaneous tightening of the hand or other body part at the time of death, the mechanism of which is unexplained
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Hezbollah is vital for Iran: its death grip on Lebanese politics and the strategic rocket and missile threat it poses to Israel extend Iran's Levantine influence beyond Syria all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.
Yes, Rovers had a bad day at the office, but Leeds got them in a death grip and just wouldn't let go.
Despite the growing movement to end the death penalty both internationally and in the United States, some states continue to have a death grip on capital punishment.
The holster itself was very tight fitting when it first arrived, and it clutched my Shield in a death grip when I initially inserted it.
But, truth is, the death grip you've got on your "dislike" list (he it peas.
So far only a few dozen people have been injured in struggles with police, but there are growing worries that Beijing, fearful that protests could spread north despite the government's death grip on communications, including social media, may soon resort to lethal arms and mass arrests.
66) IF YOU think journalist Laurie Penny's fifth book falls into the recently invented, Caitlin Moran-led category of smiling, soothing feminist non-fiction, that tries to make you nod and laugh while you flex against the patriarchal death grip of modern society, then you're wrong.
They cling with a death grip to the illusion of their special talents even as angry people pound on their doors and their countries go up in flames.
Unfortunately the death grip slows operation down, in three ways.
If you torque the bow in your hand due to awkward positioning or a stress-induced death grip on the riser, you are likely to release an arrow that hits well left or right of your intended target One of the easiest ways to eliminate bow torque is by using the Square-Up Archery bracket; a simple device that mounts to the quiver holes on your sight and provides continuous, real-time feedback at full draw.
The death grip released, and I worked hard to watch the priest, his garments, the host held high.