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death cer·ti·fi·cate

official, legal document and vital record, signed by a licensed physician or other designated authority, that includes cause of death, decedent's name, gender, place of residence, date of death; other information , for example, birth date, birth place, occupation may be included; the immediate cause of death is recorded on the first line of the certificate, followed by the condition(s) giving rise to this, with the underlying cause on the last line; the underlying cause is coded and tabulated in official publications of mortality.

death certificate


A document in which the treating doctor certifies the cause of death and
(1) (pre-Shipman Inquiry) informed the registrar of births, marriages and deaths, or reported the case to the Coroner if the death was sudden or unnatural, or for any other reason the cause of death could not be certified;

(2) (post-Shipman Inquiry) informs the medical examiner, or reports the case to the Coroner if the death is sudden or unnatural, or for any other reason the cause of death cannot be certified.

The Harold Shipman case introduced independent medical scrutiny (medical examiner) into death certification in the UK.

A document in which a certifying physician formally states, to the best of his/her knowledge, the immediate, intermediate, and underlying cause(s) of death.

Death certificate
(1a) Direct or immediate cause of death (based on the balance of probability).
(1b) Predisposing factor that led to 1a (optional, but commonly put on the death certificate).
(1c) Predisposing factor that led to 1b (in practice, rarely put on the death certificate).
(2) Any other factor that indirectly contributed to death.

death certificate

Health statistics A document in which a certifying physician formally states, to the best of his/her knowledge, the immediate, intermediate, and underlying cause(s) of death. Cf Unnatural death.
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They may also use their veteran status to request death certificates for a spouse or dependent children.
The policy changes stemmed from a ruling last week in which the federal judge ordered state officials to recognize the same-sex marriage of Conroe resident John Stone-Hoskins by naming him as the surviving spouse on the death certificate of his late husband, James.
Accuracy and completeness of causes of death statistics depend on the details documented on the death certificates by physicians (Nojilana et al.
The death certificates will open the door to financial aid for the passengers' families and also allow any potential lawsuits against the airline to begin, The Daily Mirror reports.
To evaluate usefulness of an automated influenza death reporting system during and after the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) pandemic, we investigated all death certificates in Los Angeles County, California, USA, on which influenza was listed as a direct or indirect cause of death from August 2009 through April 2012.
South Africa is the only country in the world to routinely record the detail on all death certificates.
Margaret's death certificate was signed by one of her three grown-up sons.
While the law says that death and birth certificates are to be issued from the same city where one died or was born, touts have made it possible to obtain a birth or death certificate from the city of your choice: Delhi.
An e-learning module can help postgraduate medical students learn to accurately fill out death certificates, showing that similar courses could help integrate public-health oriented training into residency programs, according to a study in an AJPH special supplement released June 12 with the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
The Ministry of Justice has announced the introduction of a certificate of presumed death - the equivalent to a death certificate in its legal power and will go a long way in simplifying the processes and problems faced by those left Currently, families need death certificates in order to resolve issues with banks and bills.
The NADRA General Manager marked it as a historic day and further elaborated that the agreement will usher a new era and citizens residing in the vicinity of Islamabad will now be facilitated with NADRA's computerized Birth and Death certificates which was long outstanding demand of general public of the Capital.
A "reckless" doctor who became the first in England to be prosecuted for falsely signing death certificates is fighting to save his career.