Death List

A popular—albeit unofficial, and for some, unpopular—name for a list produced by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), previously known as the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), for the ‘statistical outliers’ in Medicare’s database of 6,000 hospitals which exceed the range of predicted mortality
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The police had broken countless heads with their riot clubs; and the death list had been augmented by the turning loose of a machine-gun on the strikers from the barns of the Marsden Special Delivery Company.
The nerve agent poisoning of ex-spySergei Skripaland the sudden death of Nikolai Glushkov - who he claimed was number one on the death list - had led him to stay in Britain and seek protection, he said.
As of now, all infidel actors, singers, athletes and all prominent personalities in Germany and other crusader nations are on a death list of the Islamic State," the letter said.
As an officer in a Scottish regiment at the time of Suez, he was placed on a death list by a terrorist group.
She was not afraid to ridicule Hitler in the presence of the German ambassador, Ribbentrop, (a champagne salesman turned diplomat) and was promptly put on the Fuhrer's death list.
He added: "He had a death list with the names of teachers and pupils on it.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A former intelligence official, Mehmet EymE-r, has presented a list of 54 people whom he said were on a death list of an intelligence operative as he testified as a witness to an Ankara court overseeing a trial into extrajudicial killings of the 1990s.
The last entry on my kinds of death list is the worst, because it affects hundreds of millions of Arabs who are alive biologically--but they have died on the inside from the deadly combination of sadness, humiliation and agony that come from recognizing what has happened to their societies and many of their leaders.
Hunniford, who worked for the BBC in her native Northern Ireland and the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS), told Morgan: "I was actually on a death list at one point.
Other witnesses recognized names of their loved ones on the Death List.
Now, he has fled the country, but not without getting himself on the Salafi death list.
The Department's review makes it clear that Life insurers should regularly match Life insurance policies against a comprehensive death list, rather than just wait for claims to be filed," Lawsky said.