Death Grip

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A cadaveric spasm described as an instantaneous tightening of the hand or other body part at the time of death, the mechanism of which is unexplained
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You do not need a death grip on the file--it only fatigues your hands.
One morning while dressing outside the truck before heading to our lock-on stands, I noticed my hunting buddy had a death grip on his boot laces, pulling on them like he was trying to get a Pope and Young buck up into the truck.
Kirk's highly logical pointy-eared science officer Spock, played by Leonard Nimoy, introduced viewers to the v-shaped Vulcan salute, the mind meld and the Vulcan death grip.
This straggler lies about 160,000 light-years from NGC 253, about as far as the Large Magellanic Cloud is from us and easily close enough to be held within NGC 253's gravitational death grip.
PSAn Arm-hook Sleeper an Anaconda Vise or an Arm Triangle Choke A Bay Street Swing and a Black Out or a Corner Foot Choke Maybe a Danny Dance Double Choke Dragon sleeper Figure-Four Necklock We saw a Garner Mount and immediately knew that move The Gogoplata sounds ancient like a Guillotine Choke Half Nelson Choke or a Hangman's Choke and Koji Clutch or Leg Choke Call it a Last Loosie a New York Noose (a Nigger Noose) and a Pantaleo Press A Pentagram Choke or a Rear Naked Choke or a Single Arm Choke and a Sleeper Hold The Staten Island Squeeze and the Straight Jacket or a Three-quarter Nelson A Thumb Choke Hold a Tongan Death Grip for assorted Blacks or a Triangle Choke or a Two-handed Chokelift and an arena of bystanders
You will need to experiment with the amount of pressure applied by that thumb, but for me it is quite a bit with a virtual death grip on the pocket pistols.
Despite the growing movement to end the death penalty both internationally and in the United States, some states continue to have a death grip on capital punishment.
In relation to the house, it is now actually moving backwardor specifically, she supposes, it's attempting to move toward Ayen, who is crouching, iPhone ready in a death grip, at the far edge of the haha, because that concealing rim of grass blocks her view of the creature from every other angle.
But, truth is, the death grip you've got on your "dislike" list (he it peas.
So far only a few dozen people have been injured in struggles with police, but there are growing worries that Beijing, fearful that protests could spread north despite the government's death grip on communications, including social media, may soon resort to lethal arms and mass arrests.
66) IF YOU think journalist Laurie Penny's fifth book falls into the recently invented, Caitlin Moran-led category of smiling, soothing feminist non-fiction, that tries to make you nod and laugh while you flex against the patriarchal death grip of modern society, then you're wrong.
Holding onto it is an understatement, it's closer to a child's death grip when you're trying to pry away Iron Man in preparation for a nighttime bath.