Death Cigarettes

Cigarettes marketed in the UK by Enlightened Tobacco Company from 1991 until its closure in 1999
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Inviting the inventor of Death cigarettes a lecture to a room full of healthcare professionals at Sight Care's conference may sound contrary, but BJ Cunningham's business journey had his audience engaged right from the start.
Hence the controversies over Death cigarettes and Black Death vodka.
The founder of controversial tobacco brand Death Cigarettes has been named among speakers at this year's Manufacturing Live.
The speaker at last night's awards evening was innovative entrepreneur turned marketing guru BJ Cunningham, the man who created the controversial Death cigarettes and marketed them as the `honest smoke'.
He pointed out the rise of brands such as Death cigarettes, launched in 1980, with the founder claiming that they represented a new era in honest advertising.
One of Chancellor's directors is BJ Cunningham, who created Death Cigarettes - a failed brand from Luxembourg, 40 per cent cheaper than most British fags.
He launched the Karma Connection with the entrepreneur BJ Cunningham - who would later go on to launch Death Cigarettes.
On Tuesday the European Court of Justice will hear a landmark case brought by Enlightened Tobacco plc, makers of Death cigarettes.
THE INTERESTING THING ABOUT DEATH cigarettes is that they really exist, and the gaspers hate them.