deaf culture

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deaf cul·ture

(def kŭl'chŭr)
Deafness perceived as a culture (rather than as a disability), which is characterized by having its own language, American Sign Language (ASL).
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This decision will help the five million deaf community of the country.
It is the story of their decision as to whether or not to give their six year old daughter the cochlear implant surgery and the history behind the cochlear implant controversy in the deaf community.
He said: "It's a major upgrade for the deaf community to have a building designed for their needs, bearing in mind they have operated out of a very large former school building which wasn't very suitable.
Signs and Wonders: Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language is recommended for any collection strong in Deaf community issues, and focuses on the role of religion in the development and history of the American Deaf community.
AL JAZEERA Media Network is keen to work with the Qatar Charity (QC) to generate viable initiatives to assist the deaf community of the Gaza Strip, Rawan al Damen, senior producer/director at Al Jazeera, has said.
The forum showcased interesting projects and future initiatives aimed at the deaf community in the Arab world, especially those in Gaza.
NEW YORK, March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Following on the heels of the global sign language interpreter fiasco at the Nelson Mandela Memorial service, SignTalk Foundation recently learned that another higher profile event was marred by the exclusion of the Deaf community.
This announcement is extremely good news for the deaf community in Wales and follows on from the DBC writing to members of the Welsh Assembly Cross Party Group on Deaf Issues to complain that The Ferret was an important Welsh programme that is totally inaccessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers.
Service learning in interpreter education; strategies for extending student involvement in the deaf community.
Joseph hopes to become a full-time sign language interpreter in the future as a way of continuing his support for the deaf community.
As Grand Canyon's deaf services coordinator and a member of the deaf community, I am intimately familiar with accessibility in our national public lands.
AN interpreter from Coventry has been shortlisted for a national award for the unwavering support she offers the deaf community.
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