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Body-building One of three power lifting exercises—along with the squat and bench press—in which one lifts a loaded barbell off the ground from a stabilized, bent-over position
World record, two handed deadlift 498.9 kg (1100 lbs), Benedikt Magnússon
World record, one handed deadlift 333.2 kg (734.5 lbs), Hermann Goerner
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For variety, we would have the players perform a strict set of leg curls followed immediately by the stiff-legged deadlift.
One school of thought contends that the use of single-joint movements is neither functional nor specific and that the multi-joint movements should be performed with the feet on the ground, as with barbell squats, deadlifts, lunges, Olympic-style lifts, etc.
Legs Back squats, straight leg deadlift, good mornings, leg press.
Former powerlifter Warbrook pulled 300 kilograms in the deadlift for joint first place, tied for third in the log press and was fourth in two sections including the atlas stones as he secured overall victory.
Tests saw strongmen attempting the axle deadlift and racing while armed with a 275lb oxygen bottles in each hand.
The five tests include lifting a 120-kilo log as many times as possible within 90 seconds, an axe deadlift and a 14.
Machine Deadlift (gluteals, quadriceps, hamstrings, erector spinae)
And the former strongman competitor hopes to set new lifetime bests in all three powerlifting disciplines -squat, bench press and deadlift -in 2010.
Events include a truck pull, 130kg log lift, medley of pain, van deadlift and barrel load.
He managed 100kg in the squat lift, 60kg in the benchpress and 180kg in the deadlift - despite pulling a muscle in his back and suffering cramp in his leg.
This year's competition will feature six disciplines: A 150-kilogram log lift (most repetitions to win); deadlift (maximum weight to win); 400kg super yoke (race over 40 metres); 200kg shield carry (as far as competitors can carry), a loading race and the iconic atlas stones.
The contest included a truckpull, a 130kg log lift, a medley of pain, a van deadlift and a barrel load.