Deadbeat Dad

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A popular term for a divorced father who does not pay child support, although he is mandated to do so by the civil court
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The Deadbeat Dads website names and shames fathers on the run from their cash-strapped families.
And yet, I don't think that even my mom's diatribes against deadbeat dads were much different than any other black mother's.
We urge mothers to pursue deadbeat dads, no matter what kind of a sad story or excuse they have.
DEADBEAT dads who don't fund their children's upbringing could be turned down for loans, credit cards or mobile phone contracts under tough new rules.
Men mostly loiter and women work for living; fathers are deadbeat dads and mothers have to wear the pants in the families.
All men are not deadbeat Dads, all men are not abusing women.
Glodis said, "The sheriff's office, like most law enforcement offices, has a zero tolerance for deadbeat dads that owe a substantial amount of money - especially those that are public employees that draw a paycheck from the taxpayers.
The attack on deadbeat dads is another big power grab.
Then there's Associate Editor Matt Welch's "Injustice by Default," (page 42) which reports on the unintended consequences of the legitimate, and in most ways successful, effort to get deadbeat dads to support their kids.
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It is the critical institution in our culture related to the emotional and sexual attraction of one human being to another -- guaranteed under the Constitution to anyone who loves another person, guaranteed to prisoners and rapists, to deadbeat dads and the mentally incompetent, to murderers and even aliens.