DeBakey VAD

DeBakey VAD®

Cardiology A miniaturized ventricular assist device which provides ↑ blood flow in Pts with CHF
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Washington, Aug 18 (ANI): In a revolutionary surgery, cardiac surgeons at Heidelberg University Hospital for the first time implanted the HeartAssist 5 ventricular assist device, the modern version of the DeBakey VAD in July this year.
Jonathan Drummond-Webb, the heart team at Arkansas Children's Hospital performed the world's first successful heart transplant on a child--a 14-year-old Cabot boy--who first had a miniaturized heart pump known as the DeBakey VAD Child, a ventricular assist device.
The MicroMed DeBakey VAD (Figure 4) and the Jarvik 2000 are new LVADs currently under clinical investigation in heart transplant patients (2).
The supplement changes the patient randomization scheme to a 2:1 ratio of MicroMed DeBakey VAD implants to Thoratec HeartMate XVE implants.
The company reports the MicroMed DeBakey VAD is smaller than any other LVAD currently on the market and has been implanted in 85 patients to date.
This trial offers the opportunity to study the DeBakey VAD, a state-of-the-art technology, in order to build substantially further on the clinical foundation for destination therapy that REMATCH established," Rose said.
The CMS coverage would link the DeBakey VAD to the CMS payment code Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) 525.
Michael DeBakey and George Noon for long-term use, the DeBakey VAD is intended for end-stage heart failure patients who can no longer provide necessary blood flow with their native heart.
According to the doctors, prior to the implantation of the MicroMed DeBakey VAD, the condition of both patients rapidly deteriorated and required support with multiple medications to maintain adequate blood pressure.
The DeBakey VAD is a more efficient and less cumbersome device in comparison to conventional VADs," said Dan Meyer, M.
announced today it has submitted an IDE application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the MicroMed DeBakey VAD to provide destination therapy for end-stage heart failure patients who are not eligible for heart transplantation.