De Morgan

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De Mor·gan

Campbell, English physician, 1811-1876. See: De Morgan spots.
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De Morgan set up his own pottery in London in the early 1870s, being particularly interested in Eastern tiles (his typical colour palette of dark blue, turquoise, red, green and purple are inspired by the ancient tiles of Persia), but he was not only an outstanding ceramicist.
Cross, by Mary Martin Y The Artist's Estate Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY/ at050707b; Nicky Fawcett, public programme officer - art for galleries, at the Walker, with Life and Thought Have Gone Away, by Evelyn de Morgan, centre top; Elaine, by Sophie Anderson.
The first part was on March 14 while a highlight of the second sale at Bonhams in London in September is a single Galleon Tile (pictured) by William De Morgan from around 1890.
A lawyer with Van Kampen contacted de Morgan Goray about developing the Maumelle property.
De Morgan (1839-1917) was to tile design what his friend William Morris was to wallpaper.
1), the 'Persian' lustreware of William de Morgan and the metalwork of William Benson.
The collection includes examples of rare tiles by manufacturers such as William De Morgan and Minton and is expected to raise more than pounds 150,000.
WIFE of the potter William Frend de Morgan, Evelyn de Morgan's art works helped to subsidise his pottery business.
The William de Morgan piece, made around 1880, has been valued at between pounds 2,000 and pounds 3,000 and will be sold to the highest bidder at a sale at Bonhams auctioneers in Station Road, Knowle.
Before being invited to work in Cornwall in 1892, Pearson had worked for William de Morgan making decorative tiles and with these designs still in his head, introduced several successful patterns to his copper work in Newlyn.
QI have developed Campbell de Morgan spots on my torso.
Puerto de Morgan, a former fishing village, looks like an Italian town with brightly-coloured houses and apartments.