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David, English surgeon, 1794-1856.
Tod muscle - Synonym(s): oblique auricular muscle
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Jackie, who lives with her financial services consultant husband David Tod in Renfrewshire, added: "There are hundreds of different scams going on and we try to cover as many as possible in each half-hour show.
The immensity of David Tod Roys achievement in the field of literary translation can hardly be overstated.
David Tod runs the cars section, an eclectic mix of over 200 veteran and vintage cars reflecting the various chapters of motor car evolution.
Jackie and her husband David Tod and children Stanley, three, and Florence, two, live on the outskirts of Glasgow.
The most difficult thing about doing maintenance is getting the right person with the right parts in front of the right machine when it's available to be serviced," explains David Tod Geaslin, principal, The Geaslin Group, Houston.
According to David Tod, a sports psychology expert from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, this may have been where Huw went wrong.
The chief executive of the NHS Trust Association Dr David Tod told BBC Wales: ``We have suspended Mr Evans' membership of the directory pending further investigation of these allegations.
When he failed to attend his trial, defending counsel David Tod, urged Sheriff Susan Sinclair to deal with the matter in his absence.
David Tod, defending, requested that when the case next calls, Anderson's police interview is played in court.
Jackie got hitched to businessman David Tod, who grew up beside her on Arran.