(dä-vān′, -vĕn′), Casimir Joseph 1812-1882.
French physician and microbiologist who identified a bacillus as the causative agent of anthrax and advocated the germ theory of disease before Pasteur.
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Lighting was provided by Davaine Lighting to pinpoint details at the ceremony and the reception.
In 1850, Rayer and Davaine discovered the rods in the blood of anthrax-infected sheep, setting the stage for Koch to link the disease to the bacterium in 1876, after he performed a series of experiments that fulfilled what came to be known as Koch's postulates.
Sylvain Davaine of France took third place with the GPIB Screen Saver that serves as a USB stick-based screenshot capture tool with a direct connection for all GPIB instruments, including lab equipment, to greatly simplify reporting.
Honorable mentions were awarded to: Ilya Mamontov (Stroboscopic Pocket Tuner), Alexandre Guimaraes (Not Just Another SMD Reflow Controller), James Koehler (Audio Noise Figure Meter), Lindsay Meek (Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply), Naubert Aparicio (ArmExe: an RTOS for Luminary Micro Stellaris Cortex-M3 microcontrollers), Jeffrey Berezin (Bicycle Simulator), Fabian de la Fuente (Timecode generator), Henry Pfister (Multitone Music Keyboard), Peter Baston (AIS Decoder), Alex Wolfing (PGKey), Benjamin Wolpoff (Shock-N-Awe), Andrew Sterian (Coil Gun Controller), Hoa Phan (Automatic Antenna Positioner), Fernando Jordan (Swissjazz), Robert Papp (StellarisGfx), and Sylvain Davaine (Large LCD Screen Driver).
In 1850, Pierre Rayer and Casimir-Joseph Davaine discovered small filiform bodies "about twice the length of a blood corpuscle" in the circulation of sheep with anthrax (8).
French scientist Casimir Davaine had shown that by inoculating blood that contained these bodies, the disease could be transmitted to healthy animals.
The Davaine and Parr wells are both located in the Raceland field and since completion, have averaged 97 BOPD and 450 MCFPD for the two wells combined.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: -Center Hospitalier de Valenciennes (Avenue Desandrouin BP 479, 59322 Valenciennes Cedex), retirement -House of Rhonelle (6 Rue Davaine, VALENCIENNES), -Foundation SERBAT (2 Rue Charles Giraud, SAINT SAULVE).
Linen-covered farm tables were laden with mercury and crystal glass vases overflowing with white peonies, white garden roses, Dendrobium orchids, and white stock Hundreds of ivory candles illuminated the venue Stephen Barnette of Davaine Lighting custom-designed the lighting.
The first well, Davaine #1, was flow tested over a two day interval and averaged 145 BOPD and 50 MCFD over that period and has since been shut in to allow for completion of permanent production facilities.
But in 1770, 10 years before epizootic anthrax had been reasonably well described by Chabert (3) and 95 years before its microbial cause was fully demonstrated by Davaine (4), the term charbon ("charcoal") was sometimes applied nonspecifically to other human diseases producing skin lesions, including not only dark or violaceous lesions of any sort but also plague and smallpox.