Datura stramonium

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Da·tu·ra stra·mo·'ni·um

a species that is the main source of stramonium.

Datura stramonium,

n See jimsonweed.
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Voluntary poisoning by ingestion of Datura stramonium.
Fatal poisoning from ingestion of Datura stramonium seeds.
Production of Alkaloids from Datura Stramonium and Datura Innoxia Ph D thesis, Faculty of Science, Baghdad University (Arabic).
The hallucinogenic properties of Datura stramonium have been described for centuries and across many countries.
1-2: Density, variyans and number of weeds in corn fields in Dashte looin region Alhaji sp, 7% Amaranthus blitoides 4% Amaranthus retroflexus 5% Chenopodium album 3% Hibiscus trionum 7% Setaria sp 54% Solanum nigrum 2% Sorghum Halepens 15% Datura stramonium 3% Helioliotropium sp 3% Xanthium 3% Tribulus terrestris 3% Visia vilosa 3% Brassica napus 3% Echinops robustus 3% Salsola crassa 3% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Thus, for their valorization, this study related the induction of hairy roots (HR) by A4 Agrobacterium rhizogenes at Datura stramonium, D.
Samsun, Capsicum annum, Datura stramonium, Lycopersicon esculentum, Physalis floridana and Solanum tuberosum were slightly dusted with carborandum 600 mesh and mechanically inoculated by sap from systemically PVY-infected N.
Datura stramonium L--alkaloids 0,14%, impact of ecosystems on productivity, quality of raw materials and products is differentiated.
In the present study we are assigned to optimize the production of hyoscyamine by applying many strategies in relation to the culture medium, elicitation with different agents and different doses and cellular permeabilization on the hairy roots of Datura stramonium L.
The aim of our work is to study in vitro seeds radiosensitivity from three Algerian datura species: Datura stramonium, Datura Datula, Datura inoxia.
Eight plants were selected for this study: Cleome arabica, Citrullus colocynthis, Datura stramonium, Nerium oleander, Peganum harmala and Pistacia atlantica were collected in the area of Laghouat (400 km south of Algiers); Ricinus communis was obtained from Beni Isguen (Ghardaia, 600 km south of Algiers); and Pistacia lentiscus was collected from Berouaguia (Media, 88 km south of Algiers).