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August, German physician, 1848-1934. See: Gärtner method, Gärtner vein phenomenon, Gärtner tonometer.


Herman T., Danish anatomist and surgeon, 1785-1827. See: Gartner canal, Gartner cyst, Gartner duct.
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Gartner Dataquest divides the ESM market into eight major segments including: Database Management, Application Management, Availability and Performance, Network Management, Configuration Management, IT Service Desk and IT Help Desk, Asset Management and Job Scheduling.
households are getting rid of their additional phone line, but this isn't necessarily bad news for the telecommunications industry, as many of these households are purchasing alternative, feature-rich and higher-priced forms of communication equipment, according to survey results by Dataquest Inc.
Detailed Outlook for the Industry to be Announced During Gartner Dataquest Semiconductor Industry Summit, September 13-14, at the Fairmont San Francisco
As the networking industry prepares for the emergence of broadband, the metro wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission systems and optical exchange equipment (OXE) market are positioned for strong growth through 2005, according to Dataquest Inc.
EMC Corporation was once again the world's #1 provider of external controller-based disk storage and networked information storage in 2002, according to new findings released by Gartner Dataquest this week at Gartner's Planet Storage Conference in Las Vegas (a).
Gartner Dataquest officially released its independent numbers on U.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC), leader in Intelligent Storage(TM) solutions for the open systems market, announced today that for the second consecutive year the company has been named as the market leader for the largest segment of the worldwide tape automation market, according to a new report by industry analyst group Gartner Dataquest.
The North American storage service provider (SSP) market will grow from $176 million in 2000 to over $6 billion in 2004, according to Dataquest Inc.
Gartner Dataquest analysts said that this week, spot market pricing for a mainstream 128Mb (megabit) device fell to less than $2, and even contract pricing has fallen below $3 -- that is under cost-of-production for most manufacturers.
Many multi-nationals find themselves in the unenviable position of educating both the local users and the local service providers on the value of IT services," said Jacqueline Heng, senior forecasting analyst for Gartner Dataquest.
Gartner Dataquest analysts said the Asia/Pacific region is forecast to have the strongest growth rate.