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August, German physician, 1848-1934. See: Gärtner method, Gärtner vein phenomenon, Gärtner tonometer.


Herman T., Danish anatomist and surgeon, 1785-1827. See: Gartner canal, Gartner cyst, Gartner duct.
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Gartner Dataquest analysts said that in 2003 the industry needs continued strength in consumer and governmental spending as a foundation for growth, but a corporate spending return is a must to drive demand improvements.
Dataquest doesn't seem to think prospects are bright for the $500 Internet machine, a notion being kicked around by IBM, Oracle Corp.
Gartner Dataquest forecasts the North American IT outsourcing market to reach $101.
While poor economic conditions and the impact of heightened terrorism are expected to dampen growth to single digits through 2002 in many segments and regions, Gartner Dataquest believes overall demand will bounce back to double-digit growth from 2003 through 2005.
Gartner Dataquest defines BSP as the delivery of one or several ongoing, automated, Web-based business services by an external provider in a shared environment.
A Gartner Dataquest survey from June showed that since January of this year, nearly 6 percent of all U.
As the networking industry prepares for the emergence of broadband, the metro wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission systems and optical exchange equipment (OXE) market are positioned for strong growth through 2005, according to Dataquest Inc.