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To ensure a smooth development and immediate operation, a "piecewise development strategy" has been adopted, by which the database system is designed, constructed, and operated piece by piece over time.
By moving to even a minimal database system, we improved information storage and retrieval significantly.
The challenge facing database researchers and practitioners is to preserve existing strengths of database systems as they evolve into systems increasingly similar in organization to such human-run services as libraries, agents, brokers, and the like.
Data receivers provide the ability for transferred data to be stored safely and properly in the receiving system's storage; including updating the respective file or database system with the correct metadata information.
VisualCafe applications written with PointBase's standards-based Java relational database can now be easily migrated to any corporate database systems that support both SQL and JDBC.
The much enhanced PSN Enterprise includes the new PSN investment manager database that was created through the merger of the legacy MEbius and PSN databases, as well as many features from the M-Search investment manager database system that Informa acquired in February 2006.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Greenplum, the leading provider of enterprise PostgreSQL for business intelligence (BI), announced that its massively parallel database system, Bizgres MPP, won the Linux Journal Product Excellence Award for "Best Clustering Solution.
Greenplum, a leading provider of database solutions for Business Intelligence (BI), announced the general availability of Bizgres MPP, a massively parallel database system that enables organizations to store and analyze terabytes of detailed data using clusters of low-cost servers.
Their flagship product, ToolWatch SE, is a comprehensive tool management database system that gives the construction industry an easy way to electronically track and manage their tool assets.
The HUPO BPP data were collected, stored and submitted in ProteinScape, the chosen database system for all of BPP's proteomics project management.