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InnoDB is the most popular transactional database engine for MySQL, offering support for transactions, row level locking, and referential integrity for MySQL applications.
Integrating the Analysis Grid with a powerful CACHE back-end database engine provides report users with the ability to run reports on large datasets at extremely fast speeds.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and MSDE 2000 are free redistributable versions of SQL Server and provide the core SQL Server database engine that is used in thousands of applications worldwide.
The advanced, full-featured EMPRESS database engine includes a variety of popular APIs (C, C++, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC), enabling the creative design of high availability (HA) applications.
Alterian List Manager is a new end-to-end solution for list owners, brokers and list production organisations based on Alterian's market leading database Engine.
Rather than simply relying on the features and capabilities of the underlying operating system to provide performance, scalability, and management, database engines have traditionally tried to manage hardware resources directly.
Coral8 Complex Event Processing Software Wins Award in the Broader Database Engines and Data Tools Category
Solid Information Technology, a provider of fast, always-on and affordable databases used in more than 3,000,000 mission-critical deployments worldwide, today announced that solidDB[TM] for MySQL outperformed other MySQL transactional database engines in a public benchmark test.
solidDB is the only data management platform that combines fully transactional, in-memory and disk-based database engines with carrier-grade high availability into a single, compact and affordable product.
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