data dictionary

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da·ta dic·tion·a·ry

(dā'tă dik'shŭn-ār-ē)
A set of standardized definitions of all data elements collected in a given health care facility.
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gov/premis); PREMIS Editorial Committee is revising the data dictionary (www.
A workplan was developed to finish the data dictionary by December in anticipation of a final PREMIS report by the end of 2004.
The items from the left side of the data dictionary are listed in the left column of the spreadsheet, and the corresponding amounts from the financial statements are placed in the columns to the right.
The 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary provides a road map to the content and structure of patient data by defining and translating every data element and healthcare concept that occurs in a computerized patient record.
The combined power of the two applications makes it possible to create and store customized ICD-9 and ICD-10 mappings, and leverages the industry-standard vocabularies of the 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary to provide coded, computable data that people can understand and software applications can use and process in real-time.
Data Dictionary Driven - Allows developers to provide a simplified view of complex data that is clear and easy for any user to understand
The 3M Healthcare Data Dictionary is a terminology server that manages ongoing updates from standard terminologies as well as local additions and changes from healthcare facilities.
By integrating with AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, ObjectRiver's MDM also helps customers generate a data dictionary from the AllFusion ERwin model that provides a documented interface for building web applications on top of a defined database.
The Unisys ISM framework is fully compliant with recognized information and data exchange standards, including the Justice XML Data Dictionary and Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM).
Shadow Studio provides seamless integration within the IDE to expose mainframe applications and data as Web services and real-time business tightly integrated with the Advantage CA-IDMS Integrated Data Dictionary.
Infinity incorporates additional data dictionary integration and ease of use features to the core reporting engine.