Data Dredging

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(1) The use of a multiple-comparison method—e.g., Scheffe’s test—which allows investigators performing a study to select group means to test after the experiment begins, by allowing possible comparisons, one of which may suggest a trend in a study, hence the term ‘dredging’
(2) Digging through the data in a clinical trial trying to find statistically significant trends or differences between therapeutic arms
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By doing a lot of data dredging with the aim of getting some publicity.
It is increasingly apparent that problems such as publication bias, selective analysis and outcome reporting, and data dredging affect disciplines as remote as clinical medicine, omics, animal studies, economics, social sciences, psychology, and neurosciences.
But Caruana exhibits an uncritical understanding of Imre Lakatos's methodological position, on which the idea is based, when he contends that data dredging is how science normally works, so Jesuits are off the hook.
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