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Surname of a patient in whom the Stuart or Stuart-Prower factor was first discovered.


surname of the patient in which factor was first discovered.
Stuart factor - Synonym(s): Stuart-Prower factor
Stuart-Prower factor - factor X. Synonym(s): Stuart factor
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Step change Option to improve route between Princes Street and Darnley Park agreed
It also didn't help that not long after his death, Mary and Bothwell married and the two were later accused of murdering Darnley.
Darnley Bay intends to evaluate the remaining deposits and, where considered appropriate, to initiate confirmation drilling programs in an effort to add additional deposits to the mine plan prior to the feasibility study.
Mots cles : omble chevalier; Salvelinus alpinus; peche de stocks melanges; analyse genetique de stocks melanges; prise de subsistance; baie Darnley
Although initially a supporter of Mary, Buchanan, following the murder of Darnley, contributed to the development of a theory of contract government that argued for the inclusion of Scottish citizens in the political sphere and the right of a subject to oppose a monarch who broke the law.
Mrs Darnley, 42, said: "We just do not have an answer - we have no idea why.
We describe the northernmost case of Queensland tick typhus and 2 cases of scrub typhus, along with their molecular identifications, from patients examined at the Darnley Island Health Clinic.
Portelet and her siblings were all sprinters, though they were out of a half-sister to top-class stayer Braashee and Nell Gwyn heroine Ghariba, now dam of several winners including this year's very smart French middle-distance colt Lord Darnley.
Lord Darnley then sold it for 30,000 [pounds sterling] to Sir George Donaldson, a Scots music world bigwig who was a benefactor to the Royal College of Music and the Victoria & Albert Museum.
Also from Pimlico we have Alison Weir's Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley ([pounds sterling]8.
Mary's marriage to Lord Darnley precipitated rebellion in Scotland and led to the brink of war with England.
Arthur Darnley comments on metals already in the environment, and poses the question: How much did we start with?