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The District side was (Glamorgan Wanderers unless shown): Colin Fulthorpe (Caerau); Richard Ham (Llandaff North), Alex Theaker (Fairwater), Charlie Elton (Rumney), Mike Press (CHSOB); David Gorwell, Mark Foley (Fairwater); Stephen Simpson, Alex Bilkey, Dan Douthwaite, Josh Sheehan, Daniel Jones, Rhyddian Davies, Owen Thomas, Scott Britton (capt).
YOUNG STAR: Daniel Jones, from Anfield, who is appearing on a celebrity quiz show
EXAM SUCCESS: Jonathan Frankton (left) and Daniel Jones, both aged 13
Her ex-boyfriend Daniel Jones, below, faces jail over her death.
They will perform works by Alun Hoddinott, Daniel Jones and William Mathias alongside Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and Mozart's oboe concerto.
Daniel Jones was runner up with 2lb 14oz and Cory Evans third with 1lb 14oz.
Baby Daniel Jones was born on December 28, a week after his due date, in a downstairs toilet at Mr Stoneman's parents' home.
Hayes and his partner, Daniel Jones, have been in a whirlwind since the success of their first two singles in Australia (``I Want You'' and ``To the Moon and Back'') made them the center of a bidding war between Arista, EMI, Warner Bros.
South Korean international relations and sociology student Da In Lee, 22, was murdered by Daniel Jones, 27, at his home on Easter Sunday (April 8) last year, prosecutor Gordon Aspden said.
TOP blocks Steve Lawley and Daniel Jones both carded 21-9 wins to send Rhos Park A surging to a 12-2 victory over bottom side Fron Park that keeps them in second place in Section A of NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE.
Daniel Jones continuedhis recent emergence in Junior Honda, winning two of the three heats and then edging a close final inwhich the top three crossed the line covered by less than a second.
At Bolton crown court Anne Hughes, prosecuting, said the 59-year-old householder had been in her back garden when Daniel Jones stole her handbag.