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A grocer, fishmonger, mesmerist, and spiritualist (1845-1913) from Iowa, who founded chiropractic in 1895
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Fondee en 1895 aux Etats-Unis (Davenport/Iowa) par Daniel David Palmer, la chiropratique aurait vu le monde grace a un "miracle": des sources pretendant que le premier patient de Palmer, souffrant de surdite, aurait recouvre l'audition par un ajustement chiropratique.
Spinal manipulation has been used in medical practice at least since the time of Hippocrates, but chiropractic--from the Greek cheiros (hand) and praktos (done by)--is said to officially have begun on Sept 18, 1895, when Iowa lay magnetic healer Daniel David Palmer performed his first spinal "adjustment" on a deaf patient, reportedly restoring the man's hearing.