Lynn, Australian molecular biologist, *1935. See: Shine-Dalgarno sequence.
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Stockton Mayor, Councillor Ian Dalgarno, will lay a wreath.
Now Craig, who defied the odds to survive and had to learn to walk again after the 2011 shooting, is to wed primary teacher Louise Dalgarno, 23.
Photographer: Claire Dalgarno Anthony Kelly and Deborah Downes, of Blyth, married at Anvil Hall, Gretna Green.
Newcastle University's Professor Kenny Dalgarno and Dr Javier Munguia have worked in the field of 3D printing for some 15 years and will also lend their expertise to the scheme which runs until April this year.
Scott Dalgarno has published poems in Yale Review, Antioch
Gordon Dalgarno gave PS370 when Barrington Brown told him he could claim on two endowments.
Friday's overall male winner was 16-year-old Scottish student Thomas Dalgarno.
M represents a masterpiece created from the collaboration between three masters of their crafts; Fabien Baron, Founder and Creative Director of Baron & Baron, Silvio Denz, President and CEO of LALIQUE and Bob Dalgarno, Whisky Maker at The Macallan.
Wilson has been joined by other members and of the first XV and fellow 'mo-bros' including Arron Dalgarno, Dave Horner, club captain Tom Ham and team manager, Andrew Wilkie.
Rich Muncaster, Arron Dalgarno and Ben Featherstone once again team up in a mammoth but mobile front row unit, with the wily pair of Brent Conover and Sal Wilson providing back-up from the bench.
They say that the spiral is a spiritualized circle: well, George Dalgarno (c.
Hammersley (psychology, University of Hull) and Dalgarno (health and life sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University) look to Scottish culture to explain why Scotland has one of the highest rates of substance abuse in Europe and chart the evolution of Scottish drug policy over the past 30 years.