Lynn, Australian molecular biologist, *1935. See: Shine-Dalgarno sequence.
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50pm 17 Little Miss Debby andThe KJ Shuffle Kings,The Coach & Horses, Dumfries, 3-6pm 17 Little Miss Debby and the KJ Shuffle Kings,The Five Arches, 345 Annan Road, Dumfries, 8-11pm 17 M4M - Music 4 Meningitis 2018,The Venue, Dumfries, 7-11pm 17The Dalgarno Singers, Dalbeattie & Kirkgunzeon Parish Church, Craignair Street, Dalbeattie, 7-10pm 17 Colvend Public Hall presents An Evening of Jazz and Blues, Colvend Public Hall, 7.
Councillor Ian Dalgarno said there has been a "lot of concerns" over potential dangers to young children.
MARATHON man Alan Dalgarno is kicking off the first of many challenges this weekend in aid of the Saras Hope Foundation.
I think for the M&A market it's pretty clear that we reached the bottom of the market in 2015," said Nicholas Dalgarno, managing director of Simmons & Co International.
uk SCOTS pals Mike Cowling, Mark Dalgarno and Steve Stapley survived the blackest day in British football history.
Photographer: Claire Dalgarno Anthony Kelly and Deborah Downes, of Blyth, married at Anvil Hall, Gretna Green.
Scott Dalgarno has published poems in Yale Review, Antioch
Gordon Dalgarno gave PS370 when Barrington Brown told him he could claim on two endowments.
Bassil D, Dalgarno S, Cave G, Atwood J, Tucker S (2007) Spectroscopic investigations of adma encapsulated in pyrogallol[4]arene nanocapsules.
Friday's overall male winner was 16-year-old Scottish student Thomas Dalgarno.
Wilson has been joined by other members and of the first XV and fellow 'mo-bros' including Arron Dalgarno, Dave Horner, club captain Tom Ham and team manager, Andrew Wilkie.
Rich Muncaster, Arron Dalgarno and Ben Featherstone once again team up in a mammoth but mobile front row unit, with the wily pair of Brent Conover and Sal Wilson providing back-up from the bench.