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Johan A., Swedish ophthalmologist, 1866-1940. See: Dalen-Fuchs nodules.
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Dr Love Dalen of the Swedish Museum of Natural History said that the woolly mammoths were a fairly dynamic species that went through local extinctions, expansions and migrations.
Ond bellach mae wedi troi dalen newydd gyda help ei bartner presennol, Rhian Griffiths.
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Top Euro agent Tom van Dalen is trying to find a club for Booth who is currently at a training camp in the Algarve with Dortmund.
The catalytic oxidation technology was developed for DuPont flexographic printing systems and is well proven with nearly 150 units installed," said Dalen Keys -- global technology manager, DuPont Packaging Graphics.
Announcement of competition:Ground Dalen artificial turf was laid in 2005.
Comparing it to the "so-called East Village Art" that Martin would be more closely associated with, Van Dalen emphasizes that the work was "free of the conventional bleak and harsh depictions of despair, and instead wove a complex, but fragile, tapestry of human life.
Unfortunately, the women lost, and the gays lost, but it's not about winning and losing," Frank van Dalen, chairman of an umbrella organization of Dutch gay groups, told the Reuters news agency.
Fire crews from South Shields were called to Van Dalen UK, in Mitre Place, South Shields, shortly after 1am today.
The Advanced Celtic Studies Unit of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, confirms dalen nodyn as the standard translation for bookmark.