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abbreviation for diffuse axonal injury.
A midwife in rural India
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Cafodd Dai dipyn o wibdaith o amgylch yr ynys, ac fe aeth i Theatr Fach Llangefni hefyd.
The wife of the shu dai zi takes out a photo from a wallet.
McCarthy contacted me by telephone and said that DAI would need to take Alan's personal laptop from our home to 'wipe' certain information from it for Alan's 'protection.
Sian, who lives with Dai in Bath, met him in 2006 when they were training for Cardiff University athletics team.
Dai Jones, Llanilar, is looking forward to presenting S4C's Royal Welsh Show programmes this year, following a break from the role last year to undertake his duties as President of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society.
Dai was removed from the church for engaging "in a consistent pattern of refusing to submit to the lawful oversight of the courts of the Presbyterian Church in Canada," following "a consistent pattern of divisive and disruptive conduct unbecoming a minister of word and sacrament.
Dai, who now has four in training with us, first became involved as an owner when a couple of friends and colleagues from West Coast Haulage encouraged him to join a partnership in the Noel Meade-trained Celtic Pride, who won his first race for him exactly ten years ago today at Fairyhouse.
Hong said Dai, China's senior foreign policy adviser, was visiting Seoul virtually ''as a special envoy'' of the Chinese government.
Sir Dai was born in Aberdare, South Wales, in 1946 and was brother to Roddy Llewellyn, who had a six-year affair with Princess Margaret.
Sir Dai was the brother of Roddy Llewellyn, who had a six-year affair with Princess Margaret.
Seeking a cheap and readily available source of omega-3 fatty acids, Dai and his colleagues engineered pigs to produce large amounts of the nutrient.