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A violet dye, methyl-triethyl-amino-triphenyl-carbinol chloride. Also called Hoffman violet.
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Dahlia tubers are planted in May and bloom from August to October, said Hawkins, who along with her husband, Michael Canning, the society's vice president, has been growing dahlias at their home off River Road since 2003.
The Dinner Plate Dahlia Collection includes one top-grade tuber each of the pink Sir Alf Ramsey, the creamy Cafe au Lait, and the purple Vancouver.
The dahlias are being planted now and will start to look fabulous from early August right through to the end of September," Alex Luker, head gardener at Dyffryn Gardens.
I'll plant more bulbs - alliums this time - around the edge of the dahlias for added pizazz.
Here we list dahlia flower forms, along with the favorite varieties of three Western dahlia specialists--Erik and Gerda Juul, Jennifer Eubank of Swan Island Dahlias, and Kim Connell of Connell's Dahlias-- and their comments about them.
Anybody can get hold of a pair of secateurs and keep on snipping away but the aim is to get the most out of those dahlias.
Dahlias have enjoyed renewed popularity over the last few years and this collection will add lasting impact to the back of your borders.
For those that have been growing dahlias for garden colour or for show work over the years, the winter storage of the crowns is essential to maintain stock in readiness for taking cuttings of the new growth in spring.
My father had two allotments, one forgrowingvegetablesandtheotherfor growing dahlias - Iwouldgowithhimto help and can even remember my grandad showingmehowto graft a rose when I was eight years old.
This week, you can SAVE more than pounds 5 by buying three stunning Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff from mirrorgarden.