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Anders, Norwegian physician, 1838-1910. See: Daae disease.
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Juniors: Khadijah Anderson, Lexie-Paige Boucher, Dahae Chung, Jilliann Degon, Deanna Dipilato, Abigail Enck, Megan Geddes, Alisionna Iannacchione, Frankie Kennedy, Erin Leary, Yajie Li, Maria Monje, Sophia Monopoli, Arianna Romeo, Tia Trapasso, Nancy Vo, Haozhe Zheng
Parthians belong to Parni tribe--which was a part of Dahae tribe.
Here Mulciber has portrayed the Nomad tribe and there the engirdled Africans, here the Leleges and Carians and the Gelonian archers--the Euphrates now flowing with more restrained waves, the Morini, the most far-off of peoples, the two-horned Rhine and indomitable Dahae and the Araxes that detests its bridge.
After having been displaced by his brother on the throne, Gotarzes fled to the Dahae (tribesmen on the northern borders of Hyrcania), with whose help he fought a sporadic campaign against Vardanes, but eventually agreed to retire to Hyrcania.
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