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In order to minimise losses of Cu due to leaching, when the Cu sources to be applied contain EDTA and DTPA agents, it is necessary to optimise the application rate of Cu.
He used fertilizers formulated with EDDS, EDTA, or DTPA.
111]In in the radiolabeled DOTA-J591 preparations was determined using the ITLC method with a silica gel-impregnated glass fiber support and a mobile phase of 1% DTPA (pH 5.
With regard to the DTPA and Mehlich-3 extractable Zn, and total Zn concentrations, there were significant differences between soil, depth, time, and type of fertiliser (except the time factor in the variable total Zn).
2]), pH(water), K, exchangeable K and Ca, and DTPA Cu, Zn, and Mn values than those from the winter rainfall zone (Table 3).
Values of the coefficients of the linear Eqn 2 fitted to data for the relationship between DTPA soil test Zn (mg/kg) and the amount of zinc applied (mg Zn/pot), and R[V.
Preincubation of coarse PM samples with the membrane-impermeable metal chelator DTPA at 0.
One advantage to asserting claims for defamatory statements under the DTPA is that it specifically authorizes injunctive relief.
A significant amount of Cd can be bound to organic matter via nonexchangeable specific adsorption, especially at high pH, which is neither available to plants nor extractable by DTPA (Abd-Elfattah and Wada 1981; Kabata-Pendias 2000; Liu et al.
1993) e vii) DTPA (LINDSAY; NORVELL, 1978) foram tambem utilizados para extracao dos elementos-traco.
The jury awarded damages against "Metro and/or McGlothlin" of $175,000 for negligence, actual damages of $200,000 under the DTPA and additional damages of $300,000 for knowingly violating the DTPA.