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Synplicity's tools provide outstanding performance, cost and time-to-market benefits by simplifying, improving and automating key design planning, logic synthesis, physical synthesis and verification functions for FPGA, FPGA-based ASIC verification, and DSP designers.
are members of the TI TMS320(TM) third party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry.
AccelChip DSP Synthesis and AccelWare parameterized DSP IP cores leverage MATLAB's ability to perform linear algebra, a key strength of MATLAB as a design language for DSP algorithm development.
Harris Semiconductor DSP products complement the stored program DSP processor business.
The Synplify DSP solution is in use across multiple market segments including communications, semiconductor, consumer, and military/aerospace - including the top three defense contractors worldwide.
The new System Generator for DSP tool radically reduces simulation time and simplifies the overall design process.
Improv offers a complete suite of applications and solutions based around its popular Jazz[TM] DSP core, a highly configurable, multiprocessor architecture that is well suited for today's demanding consumer, multimedia and mobile communications applications.
Given the Spartan-3 family's unrivalled cost structure and architecture tuned for DSP applications, designers now have a low-cost programmable logic option when implementing DSP functions," said David Squires, director of the DSP Center of Excellence at Xilinx.
This result confirms that the MSC8144 DSP offers greater signal-processing speed than Texas Instruments' TMS320C64x+ based device.
TI is the first DSP vendor to address this trend by supplying a TCP/IP stack that provides a dramatic cost reduction by eliminating the need for a separate network processor.
Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of software for the design and verification of semiconductors, today announced the company has enhanced its Synplify(R) DSP solution to further accelerate the implementation of DSP algorithms into silicon.