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dual-photon absorptiometry

A technique used to measure bone density.

DPA measures bone density of the vertebrae and hip (the bones most susceptible to clinical fractures), using very low doses of radiation.

Slower scan time than other methods.


Abbrev. for Diploma in Public Administration.


n.pr See acid, docosapentaenoic.
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DPA and DEMA attacks are non-invasive, easily automated and can be mounted without knowing the design of the target device.
39) With a DPA, the prosecutor and the corporation agree that although the prosecutor will charge the corporation in federal court, the prosecutor will defer the continued prosecution of the charges until the end of a certain period of time agreed upon by both parties.
These cores are validated to resist first- and second-order DPA attacks up to 10 million traces and can be optimized for size, speed, and security level, based on customer requirements.
He acknowledged that exercising such supervisory power in the context of a DPA is "novel," and indeed, his opinion appears to be the first time a judge has established that courts hold such power.
I can proudly state in light of the three sessions we have completed so far that the outcomes and impact of DPA have been so positive and so significant that they are even exceeding our own expectations.
At its last meeting, DPA focused on the Corporate Social Responsibility where the current challenges, the role of non-profit organisations and government's support for strategic and impactful CSR were discussed.
First, I review the state of DPA as Ban inherited it in 2007; the department was generally agreed to be in severe need of renewal.
Sharp dissection through fascia revealed a 3 cm DPA saccular aneurysm and it was controlled proximally and distally using vessel loops (Fig.
More is being discovered about the levels of DPA n-6 in the brain, yet no dietary recommendations are currently available.
DPA Marketing clients have included Huddersfield University and the National Coal Mining Museum.
Chairman DPA Hafiz Abdul-Qayyum, General Secretary DPA Ashfaq Ahmed Faraz and other office bearers of DPA demanded the railways authorities to up-grade Lahore-Narowal rail track, raising plinth of Narang Railway Station and initiating practical steps to remove corruption.