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For vendors with both DOS and Windows products, most of their new customers opt for the Windows versions, but a significant number of old-timers still cling to DOS.
From 1981, when the IBM PC was introduced, until around 1993, all the best-selling PC programs were DOS programs.
Dataflow Plus for DOS is a data-acquisition and SPC/SQC package with a number of molding-specific algorithms.
Although task-switching can also be accomplished under DOS (with specific add-on software), Windows does it better.
Clearly, the DOS market is shrinking fast, and the inevitable conclusion is that in a few years--and maybe even sooner--DOS users may not have a choice: It will be Windows or back to columnar pads.
There are many choices available for under $1,000, including both DOS and Windows products.
Even though just about every DOS microcomputer shipped in the last four years has arrived with Windows already installed, tax preparation vendors have been slow to rewrite their software to use the graphical interface.
So expect battles as details of a DOS emerge, he warned.
Both DOS and Windows limit the name of a file to eight characters with a three-character extension.
Customers Can Run Full Range of Macintosh, DOS and Windows
Also, some of the application software we use extensively is available solely in DOS versions.