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The resources and effort required to tackle these challenges are justified by the opportunity for these DNT alternatives to increase the rate of data acquisition while reducing the animal and other costs of DNT, thereby enhancing the ultimate goal of protecting children's health.
Donald Tomalia, DNT's chief scientific officer and the inventor of dendrimers, will also remain with DNT to continue research efforts.
Under terms of the deal, Dow will assign its entire intellectual property portfolio and associated royalties in the field of dendrimers (196 patents comprising 41 patent families) to DNT in exchange for a significant equity stake in DNT.
com, or contact Dani Thompson at DNT Entertainment.
has been a leader in the DNT discussion and has a proven history of providing enhanced transparency and heightened control to its users.
DNT24 Product Introduction - 8 minutes: This video will give the customer a full 360 degree view of the DNT family and DNT24 radio module,
The contract is modernization, renovation and repair of VKS (mass dump) and CEVELA (central dispatching operation Lom) to DNT (Mines advent Tusimice) in the field of machine parts, electrical parts, construction parts, hardware, software, quality management and technology operations.
The signal has proven to be far too easy to hijack, allowing self-appointed intermediaries to turn DNT signals on, often without any knowledge, consent or input from users.
NASDAQ: RFMI) ("RFM" or "the company") further enhanced its M2M portfolio of wireless communications products today with the release of a firmware upgrade for its DNT series of 900 MHz and 2.
PLS DNT TXT + DRIVE", another Bubblehead SuperMural, that along with many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey's "No Phone Zone" and Justin Bieber, have helped get out this important message in advising us all not to text and drive.
Acacia Research Corporation's (Nasdaq: ACTG) subsidiary, DNT LLC, received a jury verdict on December 14, 2009, in its patent infringement trial with Cellco Partnership, et al.
DNT is commercialising dendrimers for industrial and medical applications and has a growing revenue stream from licensing agreements derived from its extensive intellectual property portfolio.