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Telekol continues to build up its already extensive list of switch integrations with the addition of support for the Mitel DNIC and COV and Nortel Norstar, CICS, and Meridian switches with 7310 keyset emulation.
Additional enhancements to this release include a number of telephone integration enhancements including an improved integration to the MITEL telephone system supporting the MITEL DNIC integration link, visual display support of the Norstar and Panasonic telephone systems, as well as T-1 and E-1 integrations.
TALK TO TAPI is a powerful toolkit that combines proven Mitel DNIC SUPERSET(TM) technology with Microsoft's TAPI allowing application developers to take full advantage of the functionality provided by Mitel's SX-2000(R) and SX-200(R) PBX platforms.