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The DNA sequences suggest that each area of the ocean contains its own characteristic community of viruses.
Although much effort has focused on the gene-environment axis, there is a growing body of information that suggests that environmental influences may extend beyond the DNA sequences of our genes.
The first and second heterologous DNA sequences are capable of expression in the cell, but the cell is incapable of expressing an endogenous G protein .
Multiple DNA sequences were aligned with the CLUSTAL V program (25).
An executive at Maxygen, a California biotech firm, has suggested that if DNA sequences were converted to digital music they could be copyrighted as works of art.
One DNA sequence is used to immobilize the mec A gene which is simultaneously hybridizing to detect DNA sequences in solution.
A Japanese government-sponsored laboratory has filed for patents on some 6,000 human genes whose DNA sequences it has determined despite leaving aside how each gene acts in the human body, officials said Wednesday.
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One also permits tagging of ancient DNA sequences that correspond to modern human genes.
Six schoolmates with fever were confirmed by real-time RT-PCR and DNA sequences to have SARS-CoV infection.
The stored information may include results of a homology search for the plurality of DNA sequences, annotative information for the plurality of DNA sequences indicating the biochemical functions and physiological roles of the plurality of DNA sequences, gene expression profile data for the plurality of DNA sequences describing behavioral patterns of the plurality of DNA sequences, results from clustering the plurality of DNA sequences based on time course data as described by the gene expression profile data, and other information.
The team has also used the technique to analyze functions of the p53 gene (a tumor suppressor that is the most commonly mutated gene in human cancers); to study the human FEN1 gene (important in DNA replication and repair); and to evaluate the stability of DNA sequences from the human genome.