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Last summer, after reports that robins and other birds were dying from DDT poisoning, state and federal officials started tearing up residents' yards, removing contaminated dirt.
There was DDT poisoning, the issue that made Rachel Carson and her book "The Silent Spring" famous.
Keeping golden eagles off the island also meant bringing back the bald eagle, a native island species whose numbers plummeted during the 1950s due to DDT poisoning.
Mr Melling added: "Peregrines have made a remarkable comeback from an all time low in the 1960s as a result of DDT poisoning.
DDT poisoning, plume hunting and sprawl had conspired against the majestic raptor, despite safeguards under the Bald Eagle Protection Act of 1940.
Habitat loss, hunting, and DDT poisoning brought eagles to near extinction (no members of the species remain) in the 1960s.
Over time, songbirds like the robin and other prized avians, including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, ingested enough contaminated prey that they died of DDT poisoning.
No one has ever died of DDT poisoning, while over a million die from malaria each year.