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Abbreviation for Doctor of Surgery (Doctor Chirurgiae).


Abbreviation for:
delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity
Diploma in Child Health, see there


Abbrev. for Doctor of Surgery.


abbrev. for Diploma in Child Health.
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By increasing the number of dealerships of these brands, DCH hopes to further strengthen the strategic relationship.
The DCH organization is an ideal fit with our existing team.
8220;We would love nothing more than to double our contribution, as we understand how far $5000 goes toward helping those in need,” says Sally Smeed, General Manager, DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara.
Through a third-party contact center outsourcer, DCH Brunswick Toyota offers live Web chat 24/7.
Simon Bartlett, manager of DCH, said: "I encourage both tenants of Durham City Homes and those in the Durham City area to get involved.
According to Yu, DCH Holdings is a long-term partner of Isuzu of Japan that has been selling trucks in Hong Kong since 1972.
DCH, using shared branching and having set up a mobile center in a hospital cafeteria, extended $125,000 in $500 emergency loans.
DCH has increased the number of 4S shops from 40 in 2009 to 55 by the end of 2010, including eight 4S shops of Shenye Group that the Group acquired during the year.
El DCH destaca como la zona arida y semiarida del norte de Mexico con mayor riqueza floristica.
A lo largo del periodo estudiado, la India no logro alcanzar la DCH energetica de referencia de 3.
Engelhard and DCH currently are working together on one of the world's largest diesel retrofit programs, an effort in Hong Kong in which more than 35,000 vehicles have been outfitted with Engelhard technology.
DCH members say tenants in the council's 6,000 homes have not received the full facts in the preliminary round of consultation.