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Vincenz, German surgeon, 1842-1916. See: Czerny suture, Czerny-Lembert suture.
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Czerny said the church's role is to "teach abstinence and fidelity, in season and out," while also recognizing that it's up to the individual to determine whether use of a condom might sometimes be "a step in a movement towards a different way, a more human way, of living sexuality.
Readers who know the music of Carl Czerny are aware of the almost hilarious virtuosity of his piano writing.
CHOICES OF THE HEART: THE MARGARET SANGER STORY (0788606840) features Dana Delany, Rod Steiger and Henry Czerny in a tripping account set in 1914 in New York, when moral crusaders against obscenity confront a nurse working in New York's poorest neighborhoods.
The micro hydrogen bike lights have delivered exceptional performance in both winter and spring conditions," said Angstrom technology demonstration coordinator Annalise Czerny.
Choice selections (Borodin, Czerny, Mendelssohn, etc.
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This gave rise to the phenomenally successful piano teaching industry, at the apex of which sat Carl Czerny.
CARL CZERNY, too, had to contend with the overwhelming presence of Beethoven, though for most music lovers, suggesting that Czerny might even be in the running for a position as a significant composer - let alone a great one - would be like sending a gourmet seeking exquisite cuisine to the nearest McDonald's, or telling a drama critic that Silvester Stallone had given the definitive performance of Hamlet.
After his death, publishers neglected his instrumental music for about a decade, only after which some of the major works began to appear; but by this time the generation of Hummel was also gone and Czerny was active mostly as a teacher to a new generation.
He studied in Vienna under Czerny and Salieri, in Paris under Reicha.
Lastly Etudes is an hommage to ballet technique on a piano score written by Carl Czerny, in which simple and elegant ronds de jambe alternate with complex variations.