Friedrich J.F., Czechoslovak botanist, 1868-1921. See: Czapek solution agar, Czapek-Dox medium.
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solani and put into 50 mL Czapek broth: sucrose 30 g, NaNO3 3 g, MgSO4*7H2O 0.
Culture media of Czapek agar and potato dextrose broth were procured from Lab M (Bury, Lancashire, UK).
6 (1) CPYA = Czapek Peptone Yeast Agar (recommended for the cultivation of various actinomycetes, favourable for actinomycetes growth) (2) PDA = potato dextrose agar (3) WiC-= Weary and Canby mineral medium (free of carbon and nitrogen source) [17] (4) WiC+ = Weary and Canby enriched with 2g of glucose and 3g of yeast extract [17] (5) CZA modified = Czapek medium without sucrose Table 2.
Exhibiting brands include Breitling, Bulgari, Chopard, Czapek & Cie, Faberge, Girard-Perregaux, Greubel Forsey, Kerbedanz, L'Epee 1839, Lang & Heyne, Panerai, Rudis Sylva and Vacheron Constantin, Vianney Halter and Voutilainen.
potato dextrose broth (PDB), sabouraud's dextrose broth (SDB), malt extract broth (MEB) and czapek dox broth (CZB) were used.
Fungal colonies that did not sporulate were inoculated into the following culture media: cornmeal agar, oatmeal agar, potato-carrot agar, Czapek dox agar, potato dextrose agar and V8 agar.
Penicillium nigricans is as ineffectual in submerged culture as other penitrem-producing penicillia when grown in a Czapek Dox yeast extract medium, but the present report demonstrates that it is sensitive to the sporulation-inducing effect of calcium chloride and concomitantly in submerged culture elaborates penitrems A, C and E (15,19, and 17) in significant yield.
De acuerdo a su clasificacion se cultivo en agar Czapek a 28 [+ o -] 1[grados]C durante siete dias para su caracterizacion cultural y microscopica.
The fungal stock cultures were maintained in Czapek Dox Broth containing mineral salt solution of [NH.
Cercospora parthenophilia, a leaf spot pathogen isolated from parthenium at Kurukshetra, has shown several characteristics that make it a potential biological control agent of this weed in India such as wide natural distribution; it sporulates well on Czapek dox agar (a simple and cheap culture medium), within ten days, and can thus be mass produced in a short time and at low cost; it has narrow host range and capable of limiting populations of the weed under experimental conditions [56].
5ml of Czapek broth in sterile Mac Cartney bottle containing paraffin wax coated slide and then 0.