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ERGO provides several physiological benefits such as a cytoprotectant, enhancement of metabolic energy, protection against formation of cataracts, molecular regulation of antiinflamatory mechanisms in lungs, etc.
In the present study, the protection of LECs by estrogens might be due to their potent cytoprotectant mechanisms evidenced by decrease in ROS production and increase in cell viability.
Solomon Snyder, Department of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine recently published an article entitled "The Unusual Amino Acid L-Ergothioneine Is a Physiologic Cytoprotectant.
The recent discovery by Entia of significant transporter activity in the hair follicle, nail bed, and epithelial layer of the skin has confirmed the cytoprotectant role of Ergo in fighting the damaging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress from the sun, harsh chemicals, and other toxins present in our environment.
inhibitors from which the well established cytoprotectant drug, carbenoxolone,
NOV-002 is designed to act as a cytoprotectant and an immunomodulator.
We plan to report data from the Phase II trial of REN-1654 in PHN patients during the first quarter next year and the preclinical data we are developing in the oral cytoprotectant program continues to support our enthusiasm for the significant potential of our molecules across a wide range of major medical needs.
Cordox, the second ischemic cytoprotectant developed by Cypros has been exploited for its inotropic qualities in various cardiovascular disorders, including heart failure and heart surgery.
Ferriporphyrins and endothelium: a 2-edged sword-promotion of oxidation and induction of cytoprotectants.
Commentary: Organic osmolytes as compatible, metabolic and counteracting cytoprotectants in high osmolarity and other stresses.
Researchers are exploring the use of cytoprotectants, such as amifostine, and neutropenia relievers, such as growth factors, to alleviate side effects.