phyllodes tumor

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phyl·lodes tu·mor

a spectrum of neoplasms consisting of a mixture of benign epithelium and stroma with variable cellularity and cytologic abnormalities, ranging from benign phyllodes tumor to cytosarcoma phyllodes; most often involves the breast.
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Differential diagnosis of juvenile gigantomastia includes fibroadenomas, cystosarcoma phylloides, gravid hypertrophy of the breast, breast hypertrophy secondary to endocrine disorders, pseudogigantomastia associated with obesity, and malignant tumors such as lymphomas and sarcomas (11).
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Other types appearing infrequently during the 10-year period included inflammatory cancer (7 cases), cystosarcoma phylloides (9 cases), sarcoma (4 cases), metaplastic (4 cases), and Paget's disease of the breast (3 cases).
A clinical diagnosis of Cystosarcoma Phylloides was made.
One of the most important differential diagnoses in this case was cystosarcoma phylloides, especially because of its age incidence.
Cystosarcoma phylloides in the present study accounted for 4% of all cases.
50% of cystosarcoma phylloides were confused with giant fibroadenoma in our study.