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Any premeditated, politically-motivated attack by sub-national groups or clandestine agents against information, computer systems, computer programs, and data which results in violence against non-combatant targets
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The Obama administration has acknowledged, perhaps more adroitly than the previous administrations, the threat that cyberterrorism poses to U.
In October 2000, the Naval Postgraduate School hosted a conference to determine if terrorist groups would engage in cyberterrorism, Denning said.
When a "hacker" brings down a Web site through a "denial of service" (DOS) attack or when someone writes or deliberately spreads a "virus," "worm," or other "malicious code," they're engaged in cyberterrorism.
I think the media overplays the hype associated with cyberterrorism," says Clifford May, chief forensic consultant at Integralis, a British IT security company.
Indeed, the US government has already dedicated huge sums of money to tackling cyberterrorism - there is a certain irony somewhere in that the Internet was born out of military project designed to create a computer network that would be immune to hacking and large scale break down.
A GAIN AND AGAIN SINCE SEPTEMBER 11, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and senior administration officials have alerted the public not only to the dangers of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons but also to the further menace of cyberterrorism.
A joint study on cyberterrorism concerns has been carried out by the Internet Security Alliance, the National Association of Manufacturers and RedSiren Technologies.
Cyberterrorism is a concern of 80 percent of all cities but only 26 percent said their plans address cyberterrorism.
In related news, Gartner Group (Stamford, CT) has acquired the "Sector 5 Summit," a security event that focuses on the prevention of cyberterrorism, from NlightN Event Works (Washington, D.
The legislation would move the National Infrastructure Protection Center from the FBI to the planned Homeland Security Department to monitor and respond to cyberterrorism.
Amid more frequent virus and hacker attacks and concerns about cyberterrorism, boards are diligently gathering information on the subject.