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North American species of Cuterebra, the Rabbit and Rodent Bot Flies (Diptera: Cuterebridae).
Further laboratory and field observations on the ecology of some Ontario Cuterebridae (Diptera), in particular, Cuterebra angustifrons Dalmat Ann.
fontinella (the only known mouse-specialist Cuterebra species in Florida), in none of these studies was the species of Cuterebra identified.
Two flies obtained from larvae infesting an eastern woodrat (Neotoma floridana) in Indian River County, Florida, are identified as Cuterebra fontinella, a species that typically parasitizes various species of mice.
En este estudio se registro que 16 animales principalmente machos se encontraban parasitados por Cuterebra predominante mente en la zona de los genitales y algunos individuos presentaron reinfeccion (Manrique et al.
Identification of a surgically removed Cuterebra larva by scanning electron microscopy.
During curation of the immature insect collection in the Department of Entomology & Nematology at the University of Florida, an isopropanol-preserved larva that appeared to belong to a Cuterebra species was encountered.
The species of Cuterebra that this specimen belongs to is unclear, as there are no taxonomic keys for species identification of larvae in this genus.
5%) adult black-tailed jackrabbits were infected with 42 specimens of Cuterebra sp.
There did not appear to be a difference in the number of developing fetuses between females infected with Cuterebra sp.
However, a cuterebra infestation has a distinguishing feature in cats that owners should be aware of: "If it ends up developing its lesion in the skin and migrates deep into the cat's body, it is lethal.
Using a local anesthetic and scalpel or surgical scissors, the veterinarian will remove the cuterebra, disinfect the area and perhaps prescribe antibiotics.