contrast sensitivity

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con·trast sen·si·tiv·i·ty

in optics, the ability to discern the difference in brightness of adjacent areas; in radiology, allergic reaction to iodinated radiographic contrast medium.

contrast sensitivity

The ability to distinguish objects from the background in which they are located. It is a critical component of functionally adequate vision.

sensitivity, contrast 

The ability to detect luminance contrast. In psychophysical terms it is the reciprocal of the minimum perceptible contrast. The measurement of the contrast sensitivity of the eye is a more complete assessment of vision than standard visual acuity measurement. It provides an evaluation of the detection of objects (usually sinusoidal gratings) of varying spatial frequencies and of variable contrast and thus obtaining a contrast sensitivity function (CSF). Example: following amblyopia treatment, some cases still have the same visual acuity while the CSF is improved. See contrast sensitivity chart; contrast sensitivity function; spurious resolution; Arden grating test; Vistech.
Table S1 Relationship between contrast sensitivity and contrast threshold (contrast sensitivity = 1/contrast threshold). Neither values have units
contrast threshold
contrast sensitivitylog10 contrast sensitivitydecimal%
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c] is the needed high pass filter's cut-off frequency.
It is noteworthy that the frequency performance of the graphene device already exceeds the cut-off frequency of state-of-the-art silicon transistors of the same gate length (~ 40 GigaHertz).
The interesting point to note is that the error is small until a certain cut-off frequency, and increases drastically when the frequency is larger than this value.
In 1994, the company was the first to commercialize the SIEGET 25 family of ultra-high-frequency transistors with a cut-off frequency (fT) of 25 GHz.
Then come a phasing switch, the subwoofer cut-off frequency control, with a range from 50 to 150 Hz, and the subwoofer volume control.
Significantly, the 12V RF-LDMOS transistors used in the AN180X process specify a cut-off frequency of 37.
By analyzing and comparing the vibration characteristics of the two models, it can be concluded that the damping characteristics of the model with a heavy sphere in the unit cell is better; meanwhile, properly choosing the weight of the sphere can make the band-gap starting frequency and cut-off frequency drop sharply and the band gap range be come wider, in this way, the effect of vibration alleviation can be improved much better within a given frequency range.
These advances allowed the team to demonstrate the highest speed graphene transistors to date, with a cut-off frequency up to 300 GHz.
The actual low-pass filtering is done by a digital filter with the ratio between the cut-off frequency and the Nyquist frequency of 1 :N.
This additional funding is intended to extend the cut-off frequency of RFMD's GaN process up to 90GHz.
The CM1406 features a cut-off frequency of 105MHz, which is ideal for filtering signals to color LCD display and camera imager interfaces handling rates up to 40Mbps per data line.