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Acronym for cumulative sum of a series of measurements; British usage primarily.


cumulative sum; sum of the data so far, updated as each item is collected.
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The CUSUM scores for these two cases can be seen in Fig.
In this experiment, although mixed air temperature is higher than the set point, it was found that the CUSUM chart for the downstream control variable - the discharge air temperature, is still normal.
1[degrees]C, the maximum CUSUM score is comparable with the value when fresh air damper leakage is 0.
For the AHU discharge air temperature, the CUSUM setting is the same as mixed air temperature.
It was found that the noise has no impact on the CUSUM score.
This caused the CUSUM charts to be difficult to interpret.
The CUSUM chart is a good tool for detecting small changes in the mean moisture content of kiln-dried lumber that would take many charges to cause an X-chart to go out of control.
For the CUSUM chart to work well, the process must be in a good state of control with the mill's average moisture content near the target moisture content and only rare points outside the control limits.
In terms of resources potentially wasted on false-positive results, the CUSUM charts that detected both outbreaks were remarkably accurate, with an average PPV of >80%, even by strict criteria, whereas the MIC MA parameter sets had lower PPVs.
The mean in-control TUD value for CUSUM charts is 427, suggesting a false-positive alert once every 5 months, though false-positive alerts are associated with a higher out-of-control TUD.
Both methods had relatively high positive predictive values; CUSUM performed better than MA.
A cusum chart for monitoring a proportion when inspecting continuously.