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Chief or principal; in embryology, relating to the main venous drainage.
[L. cardinalis, principal]


/car·di·nal/ (kahr´dĭ-n'l)
1. of primary or preeminent importance.
2. in embryology, pertaining to the main venous drainage.


Etymology: L, cardo, hinge
pertaining to something so fundamental that other things hinge on it, such as a cardinal trait that influences one's total behavior.


A gene on chromosome 19q13.33 that encodes a protein involved in apoptosis which is highly expressed in the lung, ovary, testis and placenta. CARD8 inhibits NF-kappa-B activation and regulates cell responses controlled by NF-kappa-B transcription factor. It may be part of the inflammasome, a protein complex that activates proinflammatory caspases.
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In his brilliant new book All the Pope's Men, he gives the Curia Romana an even break.
Per una lettura storico-sociale della curia romana.