Curated Database

Any database developed, edited or pared by one or more persons with domain expertise who add value to the final product
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The comprehensive, curated database to which these annotated genome sequences will be added will enable high confidence confirmation of in vitro microbial pathogen identification.
Its carefully curated database includes quality-controlled entries of over 3,700 strains from about 2,000 well-characterized microbial species.
NEW YORK, March 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Answering the age-old question, "what do we watch tonight" in a time-saving manner, Best Movies By Farr launches today, revolutionizing the movie selection process and touting a curated database of more than 2,500 outstanding films, eight years in development.
The release of this data set--comprising approximately 500,000 SNPs from the 1000 Genomes Project that have been genotyped across the 270 HapMap samples--demonstrates the comprehensiveness of Affymetrix' larger, highly curated database, which contains genotype calls and other useful annotations across millions of SNPs.
Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Professional Services researchers use MetaBase, the company's flagship, manually curated database of protein interactions, biological pathways, disease biomarkers and medicinal chemistry, along with its unique collection of MS specific pathway maps and biomarkers, to construct predictive models that identify molecular subtypes, biomarkers, associated mechanisms and novel drug targets.
The company also offers enabling products such as PathArt[TM] Core, a curated database and dynamic pathway platform for analyzing microarray data, ChemBioBase[TM], a suite of databases that covers all major pharmaceutical targets, and MolSign[TM], a database that contains 7750 potential biomarkers spanning three major disease areas.
Ingenuity will significantly expand and strengthen QIAGEN's own curated database, which is commercialized embedded in wet lab assays sold through QIAGEN's highly successful GeneGlobe content portal.
Previously, he was COO and Board member of Proteome, a venture-back curated database company sold to Incyte Genomics in 2001, and has held executive positions at IMS Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Procter & Gamble.
MetaCore(TM) is an integrated analytical suite with intuitive interface, data parsers and visualization tools and flexible network building algorithms working on the proprietary content of MetaBase(TM) - our manually curated database on human biology in norm and diseases.
HumanCyc, the latest offering in SRI's BioCyc(TM) pathway/genome knowledge library, introduces the first available curated database of human metabolic pathways.
We are pleased with GeneGo's comprehensive curated database of protein interactions, which enables us to rapidly use this information in our Proteostasis Network characterization efforts.
Provide a curated database of "sequences of concern" for dsDNA providers to use for screening.